In some retail business types, there might be a product that has uncountable stock/quantity such as Shipping Cost, Services, or Donation from Change Money. In DealPOS, we can make those kinds of products as Non-Inventory Product Types.

A non-Inventory Product is a product that does not have a real form or amount of stock in the inventory. Non-Inventory product types will not add or reduce stock in your inventory. To make a non-inventory product, you can follow these steps below:

I. How to Create Non-Inventory Product

Step 1. Select "Add" on Products Menu

Create New Product

Step 2. Select "Non-Inventory" product on properties form, then click Submit

Non-Inventory Type

Step 3. Product Type Non-Inventory Successfully Created

The product with the Non-Inventory type that you created will appear in the product list.

Create Success Non-Inventory

II. How To Sell Non-Inventory Product

Step 1. You can use it as an additional service in your transaction

Non-Inventory product sell

III. Create Non-Inventory Product Type Video

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