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Learn about non-Inventory product types and how to make a non-inventory product type.

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If in your store you calculate Delivery/Shipping Fees, you can add that service as a Non-Inventory product. A non-inventory Product is a product that does not have a real form or amount of stock in the inventory. Non-inventory product types will not add or reduce stock in your inventory. To make a non-inventory product, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Product Menu then Click Add

Add Produk

Step 2. Fill in the Data Product and choose Type Non-Inventory then Save

Tipe Non Inventory

Step 3. Non-Inventory Product Type Has Been Successfully Created

The non-inventory type products that you create will appear in the product list.

Produk Non-Inventory

Step 4. Use in Sales Transactions

For this Non-Inventory type product, you can make it as an additional product.

Penggunaan Product Non-Inventory

Congratulations! Non-inventory products have been made and can be used for sales. For non-inventory products, you can also filter the sales report whether you want to display it or not like this:

Report Penjualan

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