Sometimes, we need to edit the data from existing products in order to maintain the business process such as changes in product names, changes in product descriptions, changes in prices, and so on. If you have a lot of products, it will take more time if you're trying to edit the products manually one by one.

In order to help you make editing product bulk faster, we provide options to edit product bulk data by using import and export product's data with the CSV file type. This option will help you to edit Multiple Products Data faster than manually editing them one by one. You can try to follow the steps below to edit the product with export and import CSV file.

Table of Content :

I. How to Export and Import Products CSV

II. Result

I. How to Export and Import Products CSV

Step 1. Export Products

Export Products csv

Click on Export Button, then open the CSV file

Step 2. Edit Products

You can edit anything in the CSV file such as Name, Code, UnitCost, UnitPrice, etc. except for ProductID

Edit products csv

For example, we're going to change this value (Product, Code, UnitCost, and UnitPrice) :

Edit products csv

Into this :

Edit products csv

And then you can save the CSV file.

Step 3. Import CSV

Import the CSV file that you've updated to Products menu

Import CSV

Choose File and click Upload

Upload Success

II. Result

Before :


After :


Video Tutorial How to Edit Product Bulk

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