For some stores, Product Costs can change every year, month, or even a day from the Suppliers. And when that happens, we have to edit the product data. Luckily we have the tool for editing Product Data via Spreadsheet.

If you want to edit your regular codes, descriptions, weights, unit cost, unit price, and discounts at once, you can easily do that with our tools in

First, make sure your Group Permission Apps - Tools is Activated. This role is access to Sign in at

Roles Apps Tools

I. Sign in at

Open at your browser and Sign in with your DealPOS Account

Sign in at

II. Edit Existing Product

In the Product Menu, you can directly edit Product Data such as codes, descriptions, weights, unit cost, unit price, and discounts.

Edit Products

For Example, we'll try to edit Unit Cost, Unit Price, Weights, and Discounts for Baju Batman Baru with Variants S, M, L

Edit Product Success

III. Check Product in POS

After Successfully Update, you can directly check in your POS - Product Menu

Check Products

Product Data has been updated.

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