Invoice is a document that contains details of transactions and payments from the seller to the buyer. Usually the seller creates an invoice number using a simple format and can be grouped well.

Sometimes there are certain times when the invoice number is not the same as the others and makes it difficult for the seller to group them. DealPOS provides the Tools App feature as a solution for this problem.

This article explains How to Renumbering Invoice Number all at once, you can try this method if your Invoice Number is not in sequence one after the other.

Table of Content :

I. Checking Sequential Invoice

II. Open Tools App

III. Re-Check Invoice

I. Check if Your Invoice is not Sequential

Go to Orders Menu


II. Open Tools App

Step 1. Open Tools App at and Login with Your DealPOS URL and Account


Step 2. Go to Transaction Menu, and Select the Renumber Invoice Settings


Step 3. Select the Outlet, Year and Month of the Invoice you Want to Renumber, Then Save.


III. Check Again the Orders Menu

Your invoice should have been re-arranged


Notes :

Please take a note that this method will be re-arranged your Invoice Number all at once within the selected Year and Month and can't be undone. This method will also make the invoice number that has been printed different from the one in the Orders Menu.

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