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Add Prefix for Transaction Number
Add Prefix for Transaction Number

How to differentiate initiation of customer invoices, supplier bills, adjustments and estimates.

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By default in the DealPOS application, the Invoice number template for sales, purchases, adjustments, etc. transactions has the same format. If you want to differentiate the invoice number template for each transaction, you can add a differentiator at the beginning of the invoice number. For detailed configuration steps, you can check the explanation below.

I. Configuration through Setup Menu

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Application

Application Module

Step 2. Go to Transaction Numbering, then Change Prefix

Click Applications -> Transaction Numbering

Transaction Numbering

Input Prefix then Click Save

Input Prefix

II. Result


Result Sell


Result SBuy


Result Estimate


Result Adjustment

Adding Prefix for Transaction Number Tutorial Video

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