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Recalculate Supplier Bill and Tax
Recalculate Supplier Bill and Tax
How to recalculate for Supplier Bill with update
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Supplier bill is a sign of a purchase between the store and the supplier, usually the purchase is included with tax or without tax. Dealpos provides the Recalculate Supplier Bill & Tax feature to improve supplier bill reports.

This article help to make easy in recalculate for supplier invoices had created by range date transaction made. So we can check value of Supplier Bill updated in reports. For illustration following steps as below :

Step 1. Open & Login DealPOS Tools

Try to login with your DealPOS URL and account.

Open & Login DealPOS Tools

Step 2. Go to Recalculate, then Click Bill Sales n Tax Tab

Recalculate Supplier Bill and Tax

Index Properties :




start date of transaction


last date of transaction

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