If you have more than one Outlet and you just want to copy all the Product Price to another Outlet, this article will explain you to Copy Outlet Price to Another Outlet.

Example : For example, you have one product where the product has a price of Rp. 21,000 at Outlet 1 and now you want to make the price at outlet 2 the same as the price at outlet 1.

Step 1. Go To Dealpos Tools App

Open the tools app at https://tools.dealpos.app and login with your DealPOS url and account.

Step 2. Go to Outlet Price Menu then click copy tab

Step 3. Select source and destination outlet price and category of product then click process button

Step 4. Copy outlet price successful

Step 5. You can check it again in variant info

Video Youtube Copy Outlet Price to Another Outlet

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