Sometimes as a business owner, you might like to differentiate the product buying cost and/or selling price from each outlet because of many factors. For example, the furthest outlet location from the warehouse will need more cost than the nearest outlet from the warehouse, and it will also affect the selling price of the products.

This article explains how to differentiate selling price from certain product's variants for each different outlet and how to set an extra cost on products when there are certain extra cost transactions. For example, fuel expense, freight in, etc.

To set different prices and extra costs of products in each different outlet, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to Set Different Selling Price and Extra Cost on Products

Step 1. Go to Variant tab on Products menu, then select one variant

Variant Product

Step 2. Click Edit

Edit Variant

Step 3. Go to Outlet Price tab, then click Add

Outlet Price

Step 4. Select the Outlet which you want to differentiate the selling price and/or the extra cost from the products

Add new Outlet Price

Step 5. After finish then Submit

Edit Outlet Price

How to Differentiate Price by Outlet (Extra Cost) Tutorial Video

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