We have 3 feature for setup product with specification payment type, the purpose not only payment using cash but also you can use point for payment or combination point + cash. And this article will describe how to setup specification payment type in Product Menu for each product.

I. Enable Feature in the Product Details Form

Step 1. You can go to Product and then edit your product in payment type, There's 3 options you can choose for payment type (cash, point, or combination)

Note: You can set configuration when creating a product by edit product and then choose for the type of payment according to the payment type (cash, point, and combination)

II. How to use this function

For product settings based on type payment specifications, we have 3 types, by using Cash, Points, or a combination and this is the explanation:

1. Payment Type Cash and Point

If you Setup with cash and point, that product will be able to pay using both.

2. Payment Type Cash

If you Setup with cash product only has been pay with cash only, if you try will use point system will not display discount for point.

3. Payment Type Point

If you Setup with Point product only has been pay with point only, if you try will use cash system will be canceled your transaction.

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