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How to Use Shipping or Delivery Cost
How to Use Shipping or Delivery Cost

Learn how to input additional shipping fees or delivery costs in transactions using non-inventory product type

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Sometimes you might want to add shipping fees to the sales transactions. But the shipping fees often have different prices based on how far the destination is and you might don't want to give access to the cashier to edit the price in the Sell menu. In order to make a sales transaction using shipping cost or delivery cost, you can follow the steps below

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I. Add Shipping Costs as a Product

Step 1. Go to Product, then Click Add

Add Shipping Product

Step 2. Input Product Detail & Type, then Click Submit

Fill out the new Product Form and set the Type as Non-Inventory Product, then click Submit.

Notes :

A non-Inventory Product Type is a Product Type that doesn't have quantities on it.

Non-inventory for Shipping Cost

Step 3. Open Product Detail

Search the Product and Click Product Variant to Edit.

Shipping product created
Edit Shipping Cost Product

Step 4. Setting Sell Price Type

Set 'Do not Require Authorization and Sync Cost' then click Submit Button.

Shipping Product Do not require authorization

Notes :

This function will sync your shipping price with the cost. So whenever you set your shipping price in the Sell menu, the cost will automatically same as the price and it will not affect the reports.

II. How to Use and Result

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Transaction with Shipping Product

Insert the shipping product to your selling cart then click the product to enter the shipping price.

Selling with shipping product

Step 2. Recheck Shipping Product on Sales Report Detail

Check at Report Detail for the result 'Sync Cost = Price'.

Sync cost as price

How to Use Shipping or Delivery Cost Tutorial Video :

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