If you have a business with multiple outlets or branches that need to deliver items to customers, you may use the Fulfillment feature to assign a task to the Cashier / Delivery teams for each Outlet to pack the orders. If you also receive an order from Marketplace, you can still use this feature to assign a task for delivery. Read steps bellow to sell product with fulfillment.

Table of Content :

I. Create Fulfillment (Pick Status)

II. Pack Products

III. Ship Products

I. Create Fulfillment (Pick Status)

The back office admin can use this menu to assign a task to the cashier or delivery team, such as picking up goods from the warehouse and packing them.

Step 1. Choose Menu Fulfillment, then Click New


Notes :

Make sure you have an unsend invoice before creating new fulfillment.

Step 2. Input Invoice Number to View Your Products


Notes :

  1. A dropdown will display the last twenty invoices with a later fulfillment method.

  2. You can also search for other invoices by typing the invoice number, invoice detail won't appear if you input the invoice that was sent or if you type the wrong invoice number.

Step 3. Set Outlet Location


Notes :

  1. The products in the invoice will appear once you click the invoice number on the previous screen.

  2. Select "Choose a warehouse" on Fullfillment section, to see how many many product in each outlets.

Step 4. Submit Packing Slip and Add Additional Notes, then Click Save


Notes :

  1. Packing Slip is usually called a Receipt Card. Upload the receipt card that you downloaded from the marketplace.

  2. A packing slip and additional notes can be emptied

Step 5. Fulfillment was Registered Successfully


Notes :

Users can edit fulfillment by clicking on the invoice number. Make sure your cashier / delivery teams have access to view & edit fulfillment.

II. Pack Products

Users can check fulfillment as a cashier / delivery team using this pick menu to pack the goods. Try to check fulfillment on the pick list before packing it. Read the following steps for packing products.

Step 1. Click Any Invoice Number on Pick List


Step 2. Click Button Pack and Click Ok


Notes :

Click the pack button if you have packed the order and it is ready to be shipped.

Step 3. Fulfillment Has Been Moved into Pack List


Notes :

  1. Users can delete or do another action to the fulfillment by ticking the checkbox behind the Outlet Column. Try to see the image below.

  2. The check box feature also supports performing the same action on several different fulfillments


III. Ship Products

Pack list displays products that were ready to be sent or have been picked up by the logistics courier. Try to check packed fulfillment on the pack list before shipping it. Read the following steps for shipping products.

Step 1. Click Any Invoice Number on Pack List


Step 2. Click Button Ship and Click Ok


Notes :

  1. Product stock that has been shipped will deduct the outlet stock for a certain product and will change the invoice status to sent.

  2. If you want to make a customer invoice and the products are being sent from another outlet, you can use the fulfillment feature using DealPOS to determine which outlets are going to send the products to the customer

Step 3. Try to Check All of the Fulfillment Status by Click Tab All


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