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The procedure for printing a packing slip
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Packing Slip is a document that provides details of customer orders based on invoices, as well as customer's information such as name and delivery address. Packing Slip is also used when you have an online shop and you need to print your customer's name and your customer's address to be pasted on your package. In the DealPOS application we can print this Packing List with the steps that we will explain below.

Table of Content :

I. Activate Feature in Setup Page

Before printing the packing list, make sure you've completed the following steps to set up the configuration:

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - Printing

Configuration for Print Packing Slip

Step 2. Packing Slip - General - Save

Packing Slip Configuration

II. How to Use This Function

If the configuration setup is successful, follow these steps to print the Packing Slip:

Step 1. Go to Orders Menu - Select Invoice

How to Print Packing Slip

Step 2. Click Print Packing Slip

How to Print Packing Slip

Step 3. Print Out Packing Slip

Example of Packing Slip in DealPOS

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