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The procedure for printing a packing slip

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A Packing Slip is a document that provides details from the customer orders based on invoices. It contains the customer's name and delivery address. Packing Slip is also used when you have an online shop. You need to print your customer's name and address on the package that you want to send via Logistics services. To print a Packing Slip in DealPOS, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to Activate Print Packing Slip Feature

Before printing the packing slip, make sure you've completed the following steps to be able to print packing slip:

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu, click More Menu, and click Printing

Setup Print

Step 2. Click Packing Slip, Set all the General configuration to Yes, and click Save

Packing Slip Configuration

II. How to Print Packing Slip

Step 1. Go to Orders Menu and Open a Customer Invoice

Customer Invoices

Step 2. Click Print Packing Slip

Print Packing Slip

Step 3. Packing Slip Will Be Printed

Packing Slip Printout

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