Stock Take by Csv
use stock take by csv if you want adjustment with more product
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One of the adjustment methods in the DealPOS application is Stock take with CSV File. In this method you can make stock adjustments using a CSV file or using Ms. Excel in filling in its stock taking data. This method can really help you if there are many products that you want to update/adjust the stock. For details, you can check the steps below.

Notes :

Product must have product code number.

Step 1. Go to Adjustment (Stock Take by CSV), then Choose Outlet

Adjustment (Stock Take by CSV)

Step 2. Click Download Current Inventory

Download Current Inventory

Notes :

If you want to include the products without inventory (stock quantity at 0), you can click 'More Options' button, and choose Yes for 'Product Without Inventory'. Then click on the 'Download CSV' button on the upper right corner.

Step 2. Edit CSV File, then Save File

Open up the downloaded CSV and fill Counted column Then save.

Edit & Save CSV File

Properties Index :



Data Type


Category of the product



Product name



Variant name of the product



Code of your product or variant



Stock in DealPOS system.



Counted Stock / Stock in Hand / Stock in your outlet


Step 3. Choose Saved File, then Click Upload

Back to the Stock Take by CSV page, choose file for 'Counted Inventory' section. Then click 'Upload' button.

Upload CSV File

Step 4. Click Confirm Adjustment

When the CSV file has been successfully upload, you can see the data table of the CSV that you will upload. Click on the 'Confirm Adjustment button.

Confirm Adjustment

The 'Differences' column is the quantity of the adjustment that we will create. The Qty is taken from the Differences column from earlier. Note that the products with 0 difference (Expected = Counted) is excluded from the Adjustment Form.

[Tutorial Video] Adjusment Stock Take by CSV

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