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Sell Product with Shipping / Fulfillment Later
Sell Product with Shipping / Fulfillment Later

How to make transaction with fulfillment later to make the stock is reserved / allocated and how to delivery the allocated stock

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Layaway Inventory is a process that allows customer invoices to be made before the products are sent. In DealPOS, we call it Allocated Inventory. Read more about Allocated Inventory.

The following are several transaction scenarios that are usually created with the later fulfillment feature :

  • There was an order from a customer, but the products were not immediately picked up

  • Orders purchased by customers using the down payment/credit payment method

  • Transactions made to reserve product stock so that it doesn't run out

This article will explain how to create transactions with later fulfillment and how to make the delivery (send the fulfillment).

I. Make Transaction with Later Fulfillment

On this occasion, we will simulate making transactions with later fulfillment, and the payment method is already paid. If you also want to know how to make transactions using payment methods that have not been paid, then you can check the following article Transaction with Payment Later.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Go to sell, then input products into the shopping cart.

Make Sales Transaction

Step 2. Go to More Actions, then Choose Fulfillment

Choose Fulfillment

Step 3. Choose Later Tab

Change the Fulfillment status to Later (shipped to customer address).

Change Fulfillment to Later

Notes :

On the Later Recipient Form, you can input different recipients if the recipient is not the same as the customers who have ordered the product.

Step 4. Click Pay to Complete Transaction

Pay to Complete Transaction

Choose the payment method, then click OK button.

Complete Transaction

II. Send Fulfillment or Delivery Products

Step 1. Go to Orders, then Open Invoice Detail

Go to the orders menu and find your current customer invoice number then you can click on it. The fulfillment status is unsent because the seller keeps holding the products until they send products.

Open Invoice Detail

Step 2. Click Send in Fulfillment Form

Now set the fulfillment status to be sent. To set the fulfillment status to be sent, you can click the Send button on the fulfillment form.

Click Send in Fulfillment Form

Step 3. Click Add to Send Products

When you click the send button from the fulfillment form, you will be directed to the outbound logistic form. Fill in the note and the courier if you need it. Then, click the add button.

Click Add to Send Products
Delivery is Complete

Notes :

Delivery can be done several times in one transaction, adjusting delivery to actual conditions. If 3 deliveries occur, then you must "Send Fulfillment" 3 times, fill in the product qty according to delivery.

Step 4. Recheck Fulfillment Status on Orders

Recheck Fulfillment Status on Orders

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