Selling is one of the main activities of every business. Selling is a transaction where the products or service is being exchanged for money. At its essence, selling is handling something (products or services) in exchange for money or other valuable items.

On the sell menu there is a display cart, which displays items that have been inputted by the cashier for sales. Users can set what information they want to display or not display in the cart. To find out how, check the following steps :

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Go to Sell Tab

Sell Configuration

Step 3. Scroll Down to Grid/Cart Column, Setting Visibility, then Click Save

Try to make all column visible on cart.

Cart Column Visibility

Step 4. Go to Sell, then Input Product to Cart to Make Transaction

Before Setting Visibility :

Before Setting Visibility
Before Setting Visibility

After Make All Column Visible :

After Make All Column Visible
After Make All Column Visible

Notes :

  • Cart will give tax information green "V" letter to taxable product and red "N" letter to no taxable product.

  • Open product detail to view storage location on product tab.

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