This article will help the store that sells the product that uses dimensions (length and width), such as fabric, wallpaper, and banner that already printed. So our system will count the total price according to the dimension multiplied by the price per square meter. In this case, we have a product named "Silk" and there is a customer who wants to buy our silk but with some dimension let's call it as 3 pcs with 5 M each so they will receive 15 M in total. Here's the step to enable the configuration for selling this product:

I. Turn On Configuration

Step 1. Select Module on Setup Menu

Step 2. Go to Unit Quantity Label on Sell tab

We added width as a label (You can edit it on your own such as: "meter" then save).

II. How to sell this product

Step 1. Go to Sell Menu and then choose the product you want to sell

Step 2. Click at the product that you want to sell to display the dialog box - Fill the quantity and the dimension in the broad field - After that Click Ok

Note: The example in this image means that the customer wants to buy 3 pcs of silk with 5M each.

Step 3. As you can see the total price will be multiplied according to the customer's order

Note: This feature is not suited for textile stores.

Products with Unit Quantity Tutorial Video


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