Multiple UoM (Unit of Measurement) product types can be illustrated as a bottle of mineral water, and it does also have boxes. So that every box of mineral water contains a ratio of bottles. For example, 1 Box of mineral water contains 12 Bottles of mineral water

When the selling process goes by, if a customer wanted to buy the Bottled mineral water, but the quantity didn't adequate for him, the stock of boxes will be automatically reduced to increase the quantity of Bottled mineral water according to the ratio. This kind of illustration is commonly called one level of derivative forms.

To create this type of product, you can follow steps below:

I. Via User Interface

Step 1. Select Add on Product Menu set type as Multiple UOM

Add New Product like mineral water and have 2 variants (Bottle and Box).

Create Multiple UoM Product Type

Step 2. Edit Variant (Bottle) by double-clicking

Edit Variant

Step 3. Set the ratio to the product

We entered a ratio of 12 bottles = 1 box

Input Ratio

Step 4. First stock 10 box, After selling 15 bottle, it will automatically reduce its parent's stocks if the quantity doesn't adequate when selling process occurred.

Multiple UoM Quantity

II. Bulk Operation via Import CSV function

You can also add the StandardWithParent type of product from your CSV file just by adding 3 columns labeled as "Type", "Parent", and "Ratio". Here is the example of the CSV file for another type of illustration (Mineral Water(Aqua), Bottle, and Box).

Bulk Input Multiple UoM

Multiple UOM Product Type Tutorial Video

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