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Set Default Sales Type/Tag For Specific Outlets
Set Default Sales Type/Tag For Specific Outlets

Assign Sales Order Tag into a Specific Outlet to Differentiate Sales Transaction

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Sometimes we want to differentiate the sales transaction based on the type (whether it comes from the offline store, online store, etc). To differentiate the sales transaction by its type/tag, we can use the Sales Order Tag.

In the Sell menu, when we want to create a sales transaction, you can choose the sales order tag manually. But we can also set the sales order tag by default in the specific outlets so we don't need to choose the sales order tag manually in the Sell menu. To set the default sales order tag, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to Find the Configuration

Step 1. Select Outlets, then Outlets want to set

Outlet Menu

Step 2. Click edit for edit outlet

Edit Outlet

Step 3. Select default and choose the sales order tag

Default Sales Order Tag

II. How the configuration works on the Sell Menu

Step 1. Go to the Sell menu, and click the note button

Sales Order Tag

Step 2. Click on the Tag and see the selected sales order default

Default Sales Order Tag in Sell


After we set the configuration, the default sales order type is set to "Offline Store"

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