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Showing Product's Component in the Sell menu
Showing Product's Component in the Sell menu

Learn how to display the items included in the bundled product when making a Sales Transaction

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Presuming you want to sell a bundled product like a meal package, or service package. You can use a Composite Product Type to make a bundled product. But, when you're using a Composite Product Type, you'll be unable to show what products are included in the bundled package. To display the included products inside the bundled package when making sales transactions, you can use a Non-Inventory product with components.

You can follow the steps below to make a Non-inventory product with components and see how the result will appear on the sell menu.

I. Create Non-Inventory Product Type

Step 1. Go to the Product Menu and Click Add Product

Add new product

Step 2. Select "Non-Inventory" Product on the Properties Form, then Click Submit

Non inventory Product Types

Step 3. Product Type Non-Inventory Successfully Created

The product with the Non-Inventory type you created will appear in the product list.

Create product success

Step 4. Click the Product Variant, Click the Edit Button

Step 5. Go to the Components Tab and Add the Components of the Product Bundle

Add product component

Step 6. Add the Components, then Click the OK button for Submit

Product component

Step 7. The Component has been Added

Add component success

II. Displayed Bundling Products in the Sell Menu

Display bundled product

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