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Sell with Bundle Price
Sell with Bundle Price

How to bundle the prices for all of the items on the selling cart into one price

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Bundle Price means bundling all the product prices in the selling cart into one single product price. Bundle Price usually happens when a Customer wants to make all the product prices on 1 customer invoice become 1 price from only 1 product.

This article will explain how to activate access to bundling prices in the sell menu and how to use it.

I. Enable Bundle Price Role

Before bundling prices on the sell menu, please make sure the user you want to use to bundle prices already has access.

Step 1. Go to Users, Choose Groups, then Select Group

Select the group of users you want to give bundling price access to.

User Groups Menu

Step 2. Enable Bundling Price Role, then Click Submit

Go to the Sell UI section, then enable the bundling price role.

Enable Bundling Price Role

II. Sell Product with Bundling Price

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Input more than one product to use the bundling price feature.

Make Sales Transaction

Step 2. Set Bundling Price to Product

Right-click on an item that you want to set the bundling price and choose the bundle price option.

Set Bundling Price to Product

The price of other products that are not selected as a bundle price will be 0, and the transaction amount paid is only for products that have been selected as a bundle price.

Check The Changes

Step 3. Pay Transaction, then Check Invoice Result

The unit price will be bundled automatically, the total price will be set to one product price.

Pay Transaction
Check Invoice Result

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