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Sell with Merge Price
Sell with Merge Price

Learn how to merge prices for several items on the selling cart into one item

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Merge Price means merging all the product prices in the selling cart into a single product. Merge Price usually happens when a Customer wants to combine the product prices. Or in some cases, it could be a discount.

Table of Content :

I. Activate Bundling Price Feature

Before you Merge/SUM Price, make sure your user's group role "BundlePrice" is activated just like in the picture below.

BundlePrice Role

II. Merge/SUM Price Through Sell Menu

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make a Transaction

Right-Click on an item and choose Merge/SUM price.

Merge / SUM Price

Step 2. Pay Transaction

Then do the payment as usual sales transactions.

Pay Merged Price

Step 3. Transaction was Completed

Once the transaction is complete, you have created the invoice with the merged price.

Merged Price in Receipt

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