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This article explains composite product type and how to make a composite product type.

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In the retail business type, sometimes you want to make a package of products that contains another product. On DealPOS, you can make those kinds of products by using Composite Product Type. Composite products are usually used to sell sets of various products into one set of products.

Composite products are very suitable if you want to sell a bundled product with customizable components. When using the Composite product type, you will be enabled to combine several products into a new product. Some scenarios for you to make these combined products are :

  1. Create a Package Bundle containing several products.

  2. Selling products in different quantities. (i.e. 1 Pack = 6 Bottles)

  3. As a Bill of Materials (list of raw materials for an end-product)

To create a new Composite Product, you can follow the steps below.

I. Via User Interface

Step 1. Go to Product, then Click Add

Add Product

Step 2. Select Composite Type

Create a New Product Bundle with a Composite Product Type then click Submit Button, Input the composite product name then select Type Composite, and click the submit button to save your composite product.

Select Composite Type

Step 3. Input Product Component

Click Tab Component - Click Icon (+) to add components in Composite products then press the submit button to save.

Input Product Component

Step 4. Configure Unit Cost and Unit Price

The unit cost of the composite product will automatically generate from the total price of the components of the products added.

Configure Unit Cost and Unit Price

Click Edit for Input / Change Unit Price (selling price of goods to consumers), then click Submit Button.

Submit Product / Save Product

Step 5. Check the Package Availability

You can now check how many packages could be created based on each outlet's inventory/stock.

Check the Package Availability

II. Bulk Operation via CSV Import

To learn more about standard product importing, you can read the article Import Product List Using a Spreadsheet. After you assign a product code to each material, you can create a Components column that contains the formula for your composite product.

CSV Sample for Upload Bulk Composite Product

Notes :

There is 1 scenario that we can't handle, the scenario will be like this:

  • If there is space on your SKU Product.

    Example: SweaterZara Z-01 , SweaterZara Z-02

  • And when we write the formula component, it will be: quantity product code + quantity product code.

    Example: 1 SweaterZara Z-01 + 3 SweaterZara Z-02.

  • It will be defined as an error, SKU doesn't match, because it will just read the "SweaterZara" only.

[Tutorial Video] Composite Product Type

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