Complementary products are types of products that tend to be sold together or complement other products. An example of this product is a plastic bag. This type of product has stocks in the inventory but it does not increase or change your income from the Sales Reports by Product menu.

I. How To Create Complementary Product

Step 1. Select Add on Product Menu

To add your new product to the Product Menu then press Add button.

Product Menu

Step 2. Input Product Form with Complimentary type then Submit

When inputting the Form Product input the required information and select "Complimentary" for the product type then click Submit.

Complementary Type

Step 3. Product Type Complementary successfully created

If successful, the product with the Complementary type that you created will appear in the product list.

Complementary Successfully Created

II. Transaction Using Complementary Product Type

Step 1. Go to the sell menu and create a transaction using a Complementary product

Selling Complementary

Step 2. Go to the Report Detail, and see the latest transaction with Complementary Product

Report Detail Exclude Complementary

By default, the complementary product will be excluded in the Report Detail. If you want to show the report for Complementary Product, you can Tick the filter like in the image below:

Filter Complementary

The Complementary product will be displayed:

Report Complementary

Complimentary Product Type Tutorial Video

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