This article is explain how to set sales order type same as previous transaction.

For example as below, when I buy an item online I will select in the notes below, the type of transaction is online.

Then I made a new transaction, the transaction turned out to be online. But I have to click on the online type again so that the type of the transaction changes.

Therefore, I will activate the feature so that the next type of transaction can automatically follow the transactions that have been made previously. The following are the steps so that the type of transaction is adjusted to the previous transaction.

I. Configuration

Step 1. Goto setup tab, then click More Menu - Module

Step 2. Click Tab Sell and Choose Yes at config Remember Order Type from Previous Transaction

To see the difference, I will create a new transaction again. Here I choose the type of online transaction.

After that I did the transaction again. It can be seen that the new transaction type will automatically follow the previous transaction type.


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