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Show Unit Cost at Product Dialog
Show Unit Cost at Product Dialog

Learn how to show and enable edit unit cost at product dialog when creating new invoices

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In the Sell menu, we can set up to display the product cost. Usually, this configuration setup is used for admins who want to input sales transactions and want to know the cost of the product without switching menus from Sell to the Products menu, this configuration setup may help the user in order to process of checking the Cost of the product in the Sell menu. For the configuration setup, you can follow the steps below.

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II. Result

I. Configuration Module Through Setup Menu

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Module

Configuration Module DealPOS

Step 2. Go to Sell Tab, then Enable & Make Cost Visible

Scroll down to Cost, Select Cost Enable and Visible to "Yes", and click Save.

Cost Enable Yes and Visible Yes

If you set both to "Yes" you can see the unit cost of products during sales transactions and be able to change the product's unit cost in the selling cart.

II. Result

Check the Cost at Sell Menu by clicking the product item, and click Product

New Sales Order
Product Cost

If you set the enable Cost to "No" but the visibility is "Yes", then you can only check the product's unit cost and cannot edit the unit cost

Product Cost cannot be edited

Notes :

You can only edit the Unit Cost from the products during the transaction on the sell menu if you have already been given the role to edit the Cost by turning it on to your User Group Access on Product Cost.

User Groups on DealPOS

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