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Showing Cost and Price in Transfer Order
Showing Cost and Price in Transfer Order

Configure Unit Cost and Selling Price Visibility on Transfer Order Invoice

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When we have multiple outlets/branches, we might want to transfer stock between outlets in order to keep the stock available. To transfer stock between outlets, we can use the Logistics menu. In the process of creating a Transfer Order, we usually print a Transfer Order Invoice to make deliveries. The Delivery Invoice will contain the details of the product or item to be sent. For the Transfer Order, we can configure the visibility from the product unit cost and selling price on the Transfer Order Invoice. To see how to configure the unit cost and selling price visibility on the transfer order invoice, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Setup, click on More Menu, click Application

Setup Menu

Step 2. Click Module, click Logistics, and Set the Price Visible and Cost Visible to Yes

Setup Logistics

Step 3. Go to Logistics and click on a Transfer Order Number to see the detail

Transfer Order List
Transfer Order Detail

[Tutorial Video] Showing Cost and Price in Transfer Order

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