Logistics is one of the menu/features on DealPOS that allows you to send/move stock from one outlet to another outlet. In doing Transfer Order, we usually print a Transfer Order Invoice to make deliveries. The Delivery Invoice, of course, will display the details of the product or item to be sent. For this Transfer Order, we can set the configuration to display the Unit Cost and Selling Price on the Transfer Order Invoice. You also can show or remove information from costs or prices on the Transfer Outlet invoice. For detailed steps you can read the explanation below.

Table of Content :

I. Setup Configuration

II. Go to Logistics

I. Setup Configuration

Step 1. Go To Setup Menu - More Menu - Application

Setup Module Configuration

Step 2. Module Configuration - Logistics - Set Price Visible & Cost Visible - Save

Set Price to Visible

II. Go to Logistics

Step 1. Display On Transfer Order

Recheck the Changes

Configuration Show Cost and Price at Transfer Order Invoice Tutorial Video

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