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Display Coupon in Customer Invoice Printout
Display Coupon in Customer Invoice Printout

Showing the promotion coupon's code in the Customer Invoice Printout

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In business, one way to attract buyer interest is by creating promotions. There are various types of promotions that can be used, one of which is promotions with coupons. When customers come and make transactions, cashiers usually enter the valid coupon code so that customers receive the discount specified on the promotional coupon.

In DealPOS, you can make a promotion coupon. When you have a coupon, you can set whether the coupon code inputted by the cashier can be displayed on the sales receipt or not. To display the promotion coupon on the customer invoice printout, you can follow the steps below:

I. How to Activate the Configuration

Step 1. Open the Setup Menu, click More menu, and click Printing

Setup Menu

Step 2. Click on Customer Invoice

Printing Configuration

Step 3. Scroll down to the Promotion Coupon Visible Configuration, choose the Show option, and click the Save button

Promotion Coupon Visibility

II. How the Configuration Works

Step 1. Go to the Sell menu and make a sales transaction with a coupon

On the sell menu, you can enter the coupon that the customer wants to use. To enter the coupon code, you can click More Actions, and click the Coupon button

Coupon Input

Step 2. Type the Coupon and click OK to apply the Coupon

Coupon Applied

After entering the coupon code, the sell column will immediately generate the coupon into a discount.

Discount Coupon

Step 3. Pay the transaction and see the Customer Invoice printout result

Pay transaction'

Receipt Showing Coupon

The Coupon code will be displayed in the Customer Invoice at the bottom side

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