Promotion Coupon Introduction

Promotion coupon is one of the features of the DealPOS system

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A coupon is a ticket or document with a random code that can be redeemed by a customer for a financial discount or return when purchasing a product. Coupons are now used in-store as part of sales promotions.

The DealPOS system now has a feature for creating coupon codes manually or generated automatically later on the codes that have been made can be distributed to customers through your outlet, Emails, SMS, Messages Via Social Media, etc.

Currently available 5 types of coupons that you can use and also you can set per outlet (which this coupon can be used on the specific outlet), including :

Coupon Discount Percentage

We can enter the percentage of the discount promotion that we want to create, for example, 10%.

Coupon Discount Amount

We can enter the discount amount in the form of price/currency, for example, 10,000.

Coupon Return

The function of this return coupon is to provide return access to cashier users, who usually do not have access to make return transactions.

Coupon Parked Deletion

This park deletion coupon is used to delete park transactions which usually can't be deleted by the cashier users.

Coupon Full Access

This full access coupon is used to give cashiers full access when making sales transactions for 1 time only, for example, editing prices, giving product discounts, etc.

Every Coupon Code that is made has a usage limit and the expiration date of the coupon can be used as shown below.

Coupon List

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