If your outlet does not allow cashier staff to use delete park access. In this case authorization is necessary so that your cashier staff can access it, if any of your customers cancel an order that is already parked.

The steps below will explain how to create a coupon promotion for delete park order.

I. How to Generate Coupon

Step 1. Click Add at Promotion Coupon tab

Step 2. Choose Type Generate

When you want to create a new coupon, you have two ways to generate the code from the coupon itself, that is :

  • Manual Typed : You manually input the coupon code that you want to generate

  • Automatic Typed : You only need to input the number of coupon codes you want to create and total digit of coupon code

Step 3. Choose Coupon types 'Authorization code to enable DELETE parked order'

Step 4. Set Coupon Usage Limit, Expired Date and Description then Submit



Usage Limit

Add coupon usage limit

Expired date

Add expired date for using the coupon


Add a coupon description (optional)

Step 5. Promotion Coupon Created

II. How to Use Coupon on Sell Menu

Step 1. Go to Sell and select a product and park the order

Step 2. click retrieve

If you do not have access to delete park order then when retrieving there is no cross for delete park order

Step 3. Input Coupon Code

But the cashier can delete the park order by input the delete park order coupon

After the coupon for delete park is entered, the cashier can delete the park order

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