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View Parked Orders in the List
View Parked Orders in the List

Learn how to see parked order in a list form that have been parked in the sell menu before.

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Park and Retrieve is a feature that allows a sales transaction from the customers to be placed on hold for a while. Park and Retrieve will allow the customers to be able to place an order in advance, add more items to the orders, then pay for the bill when they're done.

When you're creating a parked order using Park on the Sell menu, there will be a list created from that parked order. To see the list from Parked Order, you can follow the steps below :

I. View Parked Order via Sell

Step 1. Go to Sell & Click More Action then Click Retrieve to View Park Order

When you're creating park orders, you can see the list of Parked orders by clicking the Retrieve button in the Sell menu.


II. View Parked Order via Orders

Step 1. Go to Orders, Click More Menu, then Choose Parked Sales Order

When you're creating Park orders, you can see the list of Parked orders by going to the orders menu > click more menu > and click the Parked Sales Order. There you will find the list of all the parked orders that you've created before in the Sell menu

Parked Sales ORder

Step 2. Parked Sales Order was Opened

Parked Sales ORder

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