If you want to use the gift voucher feature, then you have to create or generate a code from the coupon itself. In this article, we will explain the steps for creating or generating a coupon code that will be given to your customers or staff.

I. How to generate coupon

Step. 1 Click Add at Tab Promotion Coupon

Step 2. Choose Type Generate

When you want to create a new coupon, you have 2 ways to generate the code from the coupon itself, that is :

  • Manual Typed: You manually input the coupon code that you want to generate

  • Automatic Generate: You only need to input the number of coupon codes you want to create and the total digit of coupon codes

Step 3. Choose Coupon Types "Discount Amount-Gift Voucher"

Step 4. Fill the Discount Amount Form

As an example, I filled with 20.000 for discount

Step 5. Set Coupon Usage Limit, Expired Date, and Description



Usage Limit

Add coupon usage limit

Expired Date

Add expired date for using the coupon


Add a coupon description

Step 6. Click Submit

All Promotion coupons that you make will be input and appear on the Promotion Coupon Tab

II. How to use coupon in the sell menu

Step 1. Go to the Sell menu and input the product you are selling

Step 2. Click Coupon Icon and input coupon code then click Ok

** Optional notes to fill in

Step 3. Discount will be inputted automatically then click Pay to process payment

Step 4. Sell using Promotion Coupon code successful

Promotion Coupon - Discount Amount / Gift Voucher Tutorial Video

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