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Sales Transaction without Decimal Quantity
Sales Transaction without Decimal Quantity

How to disallow cashier from typing decimal quantity

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Selling is one of the main activities of every business. Selling is a transaction where products or services are exchanged for money. At its essence, selling is handling something (products or services) in exchange for money or other valuable items.

Sales are not only made by-products with a fixed quantity, but sometimes some products such as fruits, raw materials, and other products are sold in decimal quantities. For example, the cashier sells watermelons weighing 1.5 kilograms or sells cooking oil at a rate of 2.5 liters. Therefore, the user can input the quantity with the number of decimal places. However, for shops that sell goods with a fixed quantity such as clothing, cooking utensils, etc, this decimal quantity feature is not suitable. So, the owner must limit access to the cashier so that he cannot input the decimal quantity during a sales transaction.

In this article, we will explain how to prevent cashiers from inputting decimals for product quantities when making sales transactions.

I. Deactivate Decimal Quantity on Sales

Step 1. Go to Setup Click More Menu then click Configuration Module

Configure Module Setup

Step 2. Go to Sell Tab, then Scroll Down to Product Dialog Section

Add Decimal Setup

Step 3. Type Zero on Decimal Place Digit, then Click Save

Setup Decimal

Step 4. Configuration was Saved

Configuration was Saved

II. Sales Transaction without Decimal Quantity

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Sell Menu

Step 2. Add Item to Cart, then Click Quantity

Input Product

Step 3. Try to Input Quantity with Decimal

user couldn't type any decimal amount on the qty field.

Input QTY

Congratulations! You already successfully configured Decimal Setup. When you input 0 digits in setup, Then you will not be able to input a qty that has a comma/decimal. If you have questions or problems with the setup, you can directly contact our support team via Live Chat.

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