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Remember Order Tag from Previous Invoice
Remember Order Tag from Previous Invoice

Remember the sales tag selected in the previous transaction to be used in the next transaction

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Sales Tag is a feature that allows users to save sales to certain tags. This Sales Tag will be useful for filtering sales data in the form of report or invoice filters. Read more about Add New Sales Tag.

When you create a sales invoice, the default sales tag will be automatically selected (first in the sales tag list). You can set the system to remember the sales tag selected in the previous transaction, so that when you select another sales tag (not the main tag), when you make the next transaction, the sales tag will automatically be selected following the sales tag from the previous sales transaction.

This article will explain how to activate the automatic feature using sales tags from previous transactions. Before going into the article, make sure you have more than one sales tag.

I. Activate Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Click More Menu

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Select Module (Configuration)

Module (Configuration)

Step 3. Go to Sell Tab, then Scroll Down to Advanced Section

Scroll Down to Advanced Section

Step 4. Enable Remember Previous Order Tag, then Click Save

Enable Remember Previous Order Tag

II. Make Sales Transaction

Step 1. Go to Sell, Make Transaction, then Click Note

Make Transaction

Step 2. Go to Tag, Choose Other Tag, then Click Ok

As you can see, the first tag on the list is "In-Store". So, the default is that tag, we try to choose another tag (Take Away).

Choose Other Tag

Step 3. Click Pay to Complete Transaction

Complete Transaction

Step 4. Make New Sales Transaction

If you want to save the sale in the same tag as before, then you don't need to select the tag again.

Make New Sales Transaction

Step 5. Complete Transaction, then Check Order Details

The new order tag with the "InvO1.01100" number same as the previous order tag with the "InvO1.01099" number.

Check Order Details
Check Order Details

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