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Clear Cart When Changing Customer's Name
Clear Cart When Changing Customer's Name

How to emptying item cart on sell when customer name changed

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DealPOS provided some additional settings such as adding payment types, taxes, transaction numbers, etc.

You can setup on the Sell menu to make the item cart empty when the cashier/user try to change the customer name while there's items in the cart.

To apply this setup, you can follow the steps bellow.

Table of Content :

I. How to Setup

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, Click on Module

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Go to Tab Sell, Set the Empty Cart to Yes, Click Save Button

Sell Module Configuration

Notes :

After you've done setup the Empty cart on changes to Yes, you can try to make transaction to see how this setup work as on example below.

II. How to Use

Step 1. Go to Sell, Input the Customer Name, Add Products to Cart

Try to Make a Transaction with Customer

Step 2. Change the Customer Name to Another Customer Name

Change Customer

Step 3. Items on Cart will be Emptied After you Change the Customer Name

Cart will be Emptied

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