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Open Dialog After Add Product to Cart
Open Dialog After Add Product to Cart

Setting to shown product dialog the chart to make editing easier

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Sales / Transaction Cart is a bag or basket on wheels for carrying shopping purchases, in particular one on wheels provided for the use of supermarket customers.

This article will explain how to automatically open a dialog when you intend to add the qty of products you want to sell or modify the price of the unit you want to sell without clicking on the product. Besides qty and modifying the price you also can modify discounts, sales person, outlets, or even some notes. So you can edit at the same time.

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Module

Setup - More Menu - Module

Step 2. Go to Sell Tab, then Scroll Down to Product Dialog

Sell Configuration

Step 3. Change Configuration Through Setup Menu

Setup - Product Dialog - Open on New Item

Step 4. Make Sales Transaction to View the Result

If you add a product that you want to sell, a dialog will automatically open to fill in the details of the product to be sold or transacted.

Make a Transaction to See the Result

Then :

Pop Up - Dialog

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