Overselling is a condition where the number of orders we receive does not match the existing stock so that some customer orders must be canceled.

I. Configuration

Step 1. Go to setup, then click more menu-module

Step 2. Click tab sell and select yes at overselling validation

In order to work, negative inventory must be no

II. How it works

Step 1. For example, here I have a boots product with size 37, which has a stock of 5

Step 2. Then I try to sell 3 pcs with later delivery

Step 3. Then the stock will now be on hand 5, allocated 3 and available 2

Step 4. If we set overselling validation "no", then we will still be able to sell products that exceed the available stock

Step 5. For example, I sell 3 pcs again and the goods are immediately sent/out, then later in stock, it will be a minus so that when the goods that were not sent will be sent to the customer, there will be customers who cannot send the goods.

Step 6. If overselling is turned on, where the condition for boots is 37, the stock is 2, so if I try to sell 3 more it won't work

Video Tutorial Configuration to prevent overselling in DealPOS App

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