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Sales Person Required in Sell Menu
Sales Person Required in Sell Menu

How to set Sales Person to Required in Sell Menu

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Do you have a sales person when selling products? If so, the configuration discussed in this article may be very helpful to you in preventing the cashier from forgetting to input the Sales Person in each transaction. If this configuration is active, when the cashier doesn't enter the Sales Person in a sales transaction, the transaction cannot be processed. Details related to this configuration you can see the explanation below:

Table of Content :

I. Enable Config "Sales Person Required"

Step 1. Select Setup, then Click More Menu

Select More Setup Menu

Step 2. Go to Tab Configuration, then Click Module

Go to Module Configuration

Step 3. Go to Tab Sell, Enable "Sales Person Required", then Click Save

Enable Sales Person Required

Step 4. Config has Been Updated Successfully

Config has been Updated Successfully

II. Make a Transaction

Make a Transaction without Sales Person

Notes :

User are no longer allowed to make a transaction without inputting the Sales Person.

Sales Person Required in Sell Menu Tutorial Video

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