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Make Payment Note Visible on Printing
Make Payment Note Visible on Printing

How to display payment note on receipt

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This article will discuss one of the features available when printing sales receipts. The ability to include or exclude various attributes, such as the Payment Note. Typically, when a customer pays using a card or bank transfer, a Payment Note is included. If you wish to include this Payment Note on the sales invoice, please refer to the instructions provided below.

I. Enable Payment Note on Printing

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Printing

Printing Configuration

Step 2. Choose Customer Invoice Tab

Scroll down to the document visibility section.

Choose Customer Invoice Tab

Step 3. Set Payment Note to Visible, then Click Save

Set Payment Note to Visible

II. Check Changes in Printing

Step 1. Make Sales Transaction, then Click Pay

Make Sales Transaction

Step 2. Choose Payment Method & Fill Payment Note

Select a payment method that can attach a payment note. Submit a payment note, then click the Ok button.

Choose Payment Method & Fill Note

Step 3. Recheck the Print Out Display

A payment note will be displayed next to the payment method.

Recheck the Print Out Display

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