Change Label for Unpaid Invoice

How to change Bill Label for Unpaid Invoice through printing configuration

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Sales Invoice is a document made by a seller to specifying the details about the products/services ordered by a customer after they confirmed their orders. So it's a document for a Customer after they willing to confirm their transactions.

When you have customer who has not paid, and you want to set Bill Label for Unpaid Invoice. You can change the default bill label on Printing Configuration.

Notes :

Invoice bill will automatically updated after you change bill label.

Before Label Change

Follow the steps below to Change Bill Label for Unpaid Invoice :

Step 1. Go To Setup

Setup Menu

Step 2. Select More Menu and Choose Printing (Configuration)

Printing Configuration

Step 3. Input Bill Label Name, Then Click Save

Input Bill Label Name

Step 4. Try to Check Your Bill Label on Customer Invoice

After Label Name Change

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