At the end of the day, some business activities may need a daily report from the shift of their employer. Shit closure allows you to compare the payment received from transactions during the shift and the payments you've expected before.

You can configure what to display on Closure Printing based on your business reporting needs. This article explains the configuration on what to display on Closure Printing.

I. Closure Printing Configuration through Setup

Step 1. Go to Setup - More Menu - Configuration - Printing

Closure Printing Setup

Step 2. Select Visibility option to customize settlement printing

Here you can customize what to be visible or not on your closure shift printing reports

Printing Closure Visibility

II. Result

Category & Variant Sales Visible

Category and Variant Sales Visible

History & Point used Visible

History & Point Used Visible

Variant has Commission & Sales Type Visible

Variant has Commission & Sales Type Visible

Void Invoice Visible

Void Invoice Visible

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