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Add New Manual Shift
Add New Manual Shift

A shift is usually used to change time if in one store there are several employees.

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This shift is also useful to indicate who is working at that time. Add Manual Shift is a feature that helps you to create a new shift by manual input. This feature helps you to see the reports from the previous shift by creating the new one based on the inputted data from the Register, Cashier Name, and Invoice Date. This manual shift is usually used if some things were missed or that were not recorded in the previous shift. To add a manual shift you can follow all the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Shift, then Select Previous Shift-Tab

Previous Shift List

Step 2. Click Add

Add Manual Shift

Step 3. Fill Shift Form, then Click Preview

Fill it with the Register from the outlet and cashier name and also fill in the Invoice date with the data you want to show on the manual shift that will be created later.

Fill Shift Form

Step 4. Scroll Down to Preview Shift

Recheck Preview Shift

Step 5. Click Add, Fill Shift Note & Visitors (Optional), then Click Save

Add Shift
Add Shift Note & Visitor


Try to check your shift on the previous shift.

Tutorial Video to Add New Manual Shift:

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