Add Manual Shift is a feature that helps you to create a new shift by manual input. This feature helps you to see the reports from the previous shift by creating the new one based on the inputted data from Register, Cashier Name, and Invoice Date. To add manual shift you can follow all the steps below.

I. Add Manual Shift

Step 1. Go to the Shift menu and select the Previous Shift

Step 2. Click Add

Step 3. Fill the Register and Invoice Date form

Fill it with the Register from the outlet and cashier name and also fill the Invoice date with the data you want to show on the manual shift that will be created later

Step 4. Click Preview

Step 5. Scroll down to see the preview from that shift

Step 6. Click Update and fill the optional Note and Visitors to create the new shift

Step 7. Click Return and the new shift is created

Tutorial Video Add New Manual Shift

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