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Opening & Closing Shift
Opening & Closing Shift

This shift change can also make it easier for the admin to check the report.

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Many stores that operate outside of regular business hours (between 8AM and 5PM) need to employ multiple shifts to sustain their operations. Implementing Shift features can simplify the transition between shifts, with the outgoing user or cashier performing a settlement before the incoming user or cashier takes over. This is particularly relevant for businesses in the Offline Retail or Minimarket industry.
In DealPOS there is a shift feature where this feature is used to manage employee shifts and also manage reports for each cashier. So it would be easier for the admin to see cashier performance.

use case shift

I. Active Feature in Setup Page

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Click More Menu

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Select Module Configuration

Module Configuration

Step 3. Go to Shift Tab, then Enable Shift

Do not forget to click the save button after enabling the shift feature

Enable Shift

Notes :

  • Required cash Function to open small cash or change money at each opening.

  • If you enable Opening Cash Required "Yes", every time the User wants to open the shift a pop-up box will appear to enter the opening cash.

    Submit Opening Cash

Perform transactions, as usual, the system will automatically open the shift.

Check Active Shift

II. How to Use This Function

Step 1. Go to Shift, then Click Close Register

If you want to make shifts / close shifts, you can press the Closer Register button.

Close Register

Notes :

Other Users cannot access the outlet if you do not close the register.

Step 2. Add Closing Note & Visitors (Optional), then Click Ok

Add Closing Note & Visitors (Optional)

Step 3. Print Active Shift/Reprint

You can print directly when closing by pressing the print button in the upper right corner.

Print Shift After Closure

You can also re-print the reported shift on the previous shift tab.

Re Print Shift

Step 4. View Print Result

Print Result

Tutorial Video

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