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Register Shift with Operational Expense
Register Shift with Operational Expense

To add operational expense during shift when closure

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Operational expenses can be recorded when closing the shift, make sure you have activated the Shift feature (Opening & Closing Shift) to use this feature. Operational expenses need to be recorded by cashiers, so that when closing the shift, they can be calculated accurately with the corresponding income and expenses that occur in that shift session.

Common Expenses Might Include:

  • Cost of goods sold for ordinary business operations.

  • Wages, salaries, commissions, other labor (i.e. per-piece contracts)

  • Repairs and maintenance.

  • Rent.

  • Utilities (i.e. heat, A/C, lighting, water, telephone)

  • Insurance rates.

  • Payable interest.

  • Bank charges/fees.

Before registering shift expense and using it, make user that the user has activated the shift module before. Read this article to enable the shift module: Enable/Disable Shift Module.

I. Add Expense Option

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Expense Option

Expense Option Setup

Step 2. Click Add

Add Expense

Step 3. Input Expense Name & Description, then Click Save

Input Expense Name & Description

Make sure your data was submitted successfully,

Data was Submitted

Step 4. The expense was Added, Try to Check on the Expense List

Check on Expense List

II. Close Register with Expense

Make sure the cashier made sales transactions before closing the register.

Step 1. Go to Shift, then Open Expense Tab

Open Active Shift


The cashier cannot close for another cashier register. So, make sure that the cashier who wants to close the register was the same user as the cashier who opens the shift.

Step 2. Click Add Expense Button

Add Expense

Step 3. Submit Expense Detail, then Click Ok

In this case, we make an example that the cashier uses 50.000 from Cash Payment to buy food for an employee lunch.

Submit Expense Detail


Users can input more than one expense on shift closure.

Step 4. Input Counted Cash

From the step before we know that cashiers use 50.000 for expenses, so they must count and input the counted cash in the cash drawer.

Input Counted Cash

Step 5. Recheck Expense on the List, then Click Close Register

Close Register

Step 6. Input Closing Note as Needed, then Click Ok

Input Closing Note as Needed

Step 7. Print Closure to Check Shift Expense

Print Closure to Check Shift Expense

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