These unexpected expenses must be recorded so as not to be forgotten. This expense record can be recorded in each shift, depending on who is working at that time. Register Shift is a feature that allows you to open or close transactions as well as physically checks your income in cash or credit for transactions recorded in the DealPOS application. You can also add operational expenses to the Register Shift report by following the steps below in this article :

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I. Enable Shift Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Click More Menu

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Select Module Configuration

Module Configuration

Step 3. Go to Shift Tab, Enable Shift & Opening Cash Required, then Click Save

module configuration

Notes :

Give access permission by choosing 'Yes' on enabling shift and opening cash required.

II. How to Use This Function

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Input Opening Cash

At Opening Closure, you can enter the initial cash on the Opening Cash as needed. For example, I will enter opening cash here of 250,000.

Submit Opening Cash when Start Selling

Step 2. Make a Transaction

After entering Opening Cash you can immediately make sales transactions as usual. For example, I will make 2 transactions using the Cash and Card payment method.

a. Cash Payment

Invoice with Cash Payment

b. Payment with Debit Card

Invoice with Debit Card Payment

Step 3. Go to Shift Menu

You can see the transactions carried out at your Outlet.

Recheck Transaction on My Shift

Step 4. Add Expense

You can add your operational costs to the Expenses column.

Add Expense
Recheck the Added Expense

Step 5. Close Register, then Click Print

Click Close Register to copy the transaction, and you can print the settlement directly by pressing the print button to print the Register Closure report as shown below :

Print Out a Settlement :

Print Closing Register
Print Closing Register

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