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Enable/Disable Shift Module
Enable/Disable Shift Module

To enable shift module & introduce shift configuration

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Stores that operate beyond regular business hours (between 8 AM - 5 PM) normally require multiple Shifts to support their operations. Enabling Shift features is useful so that when the first Shift has ended the user/cashier can do Settlement before the next user/cashier takes over the operations. You will usually find this scenario if the business you run is an Offline Retail/Minimarket.
In DealPOS there is a shift feature where this feature is used to manage employee shifts and also manage reports for each cashier. So it would be easier for the admin to see cashier performance.

Shift Workflow

This article will explain to users a way to enable/disable the shift module and also will introduce users to all of the shift configurations on the setup menu.

I. Enable / Disable Shift Module

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Go to Shift-Tab, Enable Shift, then Click Save

Shift Configuration

Notes :

Other configurations on the shift module will be explained in the next section: Shift Configuration.

Step 3. Configuration was Saved

Configuration was Saved

Notes :

Users can directly make sales transactions with the shift module: Sales Transaction with Shift Closure.

II. Shift Configuration

Shift Section

Shift Configuration - Shift Section




To enable or disable shift

Opening Cash Required

Input opening cash when signing in to an outlet will be inputted when making sales transactions (one time at the beginning of the shift)

Block Offline Order

To block unsynchronized offline orders when the closing shift

Access Control Section

Shift Configuration - Access



Expected Visible

Avoid users to see how much transaction amount that store get

Visitor Mandatory

To make user must fill in visitors before the closing shift

Invoice Visible

Avoid users seeing invoices from the shift that they want to close

Payment Receive Visible

To display payment receive tab

AM Operations Section

AM Operations Section



Shift Orders Date on Closure

To activate posted date configuration

Start Time

Used to set when the transaction will be assigned to

End Time

Used to set when the transaction will be assigned to

Posted Date

Integrated with Start Time & End Time whether the invoice will be posted a day before or after





Input Days Range

Maximum number of days between opening & closing shift time

Notes :

For the shift days range restriction, the store owner should remind the cashier to close the register before the shift maximum days range. Because the cashier can't close the shift if the shift time exceeded the shift maximum days range.

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