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Sales Return Without Money Refund
Sales Return Without Money Refund

How to make sales return transaction without money refund

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A sales return is when a customer or client sends a product back to the seller. A customer may return an item for several reasons, including excess quantity, A customer may have ordered more items than they need, or a company may have accidentally sent additional products.

DealPOS has provided a sales return feature. Usually, there are several scenarios in sales returns, you can check the article on this link to learn the basics of sales returns on DealPOS Sales Transaction Return.

Many shops apply regulations for sales returns, one of the regulations is money refunds are not allowed at the time of sales return. So, the customer who wants to make a sales return must exchange goods at the same price as the goods purchased before, or if the price of the goods exchanged is higher than the price of the goods they want to return, it means that the customer must pay the difference in money.

In this article, we will explain how to configure and use the sales returns feature without a money refund to the customer.

I. Configure Negative Amount on Payment

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Click More Menu

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Select Module (Configuration)

Module (Configuration)

Step 3. Go to Sell Tab, then Scroll Down to Payment Dialog Section

Scroll down to the payment dialog section.

Sell Configuration

Step 4. Set Allow Negative Amount Payment to No

After changing the status to "No", then click the save button.

Set Allow Negative Amount Payment to No
Configuration was Saved

II. Sales Return without Money Refund

Before doing a sales return, make at least one sales transaction. Read more about Sales Return Transactions.

Step 1. Go to Sell, Click More Actions, then Select Return

Input Sales Return

Notes :

In this scenario, we try to make a sales return with the invoice number.

Step 2. Submit Invoice Number, then Click Ok

Submit the invoice number that you want to make a sales return from it. The product/item on the invoice detail will be added to the sales cart.

Submit Invoice Number to Return

The cashier can't make a payment to complete a sales return transaction if the transaction amount is minus.

Try to Pay

The system will display this pop-up if the cashier tries to click the pay button :

Warning Message

Step 3. Add Another Product to Shopping Cart, then Click Pay

Add another product to the sales cart and ensure the transaction amount is greater than zero. So, the cashier will be allowed to complete the sales return transaction.

Add Another Product to Shopping Cart

Step 4. Sales Return was Completed

Sales Return was Completed

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