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Print Invoice without Zero Price Product
Print Invoice without Zero Price Product

Hide products with zero selling price in the Printed Customer Invoice

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When creating a sales transaction, a customer invoice or receipt will be printed after the transaction is done. The customer invoice will typically show the details of the products or services, quantities, prices, and applicable taxes or fees.

You can set products sold for 0 prices not to appear on the customer invoice to be printed. You can follow the steps below to set the display of products with a price of 0 in the printed customer invoice.

I. Configuration

Step 1. Go to the Setup, click More Menu, click on Printing

More menu Setup

Step 2. Set the Item Without Price Visible to No in the Items Table and click the Save button

Item without Price

II. How the Configuration Works

Step 1. Go to Sell menu and make a sales transaction

Insert a product with zero selling price into the item cart

Sales transaction with Zero Price

Step 2. Print the Sales receipt and check the Items with zero price

The items with zero price will not be displayed in the customer invoice print result

Print Receipt

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