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Selling Product with Batch Number
Selling Product with Batch Number

Choose Batch Number(s) when Selling in DealPOS

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Batch Number is an inventory management practice through which businesses can trace and monitor the history of a group of items with similar properties. Inventory batches represent a quantity of inventory items that are received on a specified date for a specified cost. For example, if you have products with expiry dates, batch numbers can help you identify their shelf life so that you can ship them out first.

DealPOS has provided a batch number / batch-tracking product type. So, users can add product types that have batch numbers such as medicines (expiration date), clothes/shoes (production date), etc. This feature will help sellers to prioritize selling products that are nearing their expiration date.

Before selling batch-number products, make sure that you have at least one batch-tracking product. Read this article to find out How to Add Batch Number Products.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Add Product to Cart

Add Product to Cart

Step 2. Click On Product

Click anywhere on the product field, except the "x" button.

Click On Product

Step 3, Go to Serial Tab, then Select Batch

Select Batch

Step 4. Submit Quantity to Sell, then Click Ok

We try to sell the product from an older batch to minimize losses.

Submit Quantity to Sell

Step 5. Click Pay to Complete Transaction

Complete Transaction

Notes :

The quantity for each batch will be copied to the item description.

Step 6. Try to Check Product Inventory from Each Batch

Go to the products menu, search for the product, then click on the variant.

Check Product Inventory from Each Batch

Go to the serial tab, then view the quantity for each batch.

Check Product Inventory from Each Batch

Notes :
This step is optional.

Step 7. Try to Check Product Inventory Sum of All Batches

Go to the inventory menu, then search for the product.

Check Product Inventory Sum of All Batches

Notes :

The inventory menu will show product quantity from all batches and won't be separated for each batch. This step is optional.

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