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To introduce batch tracking product type and find out how to add batch tracking product

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Batch tracking is an inventory management practice through which businesses can trace and monitor the history of a group of items with similar properties. Inventory batches represent a quantity of inventory items that are received on a specified date for a specified cost. For example, if you have products with expiry dates, batch tracking can help you identify their shelf life so that you can ship them out first. This will result in less spoilage, obsolescence, and losses.

DealPOS has provided a batch-tracking product type. So, users can add product types that have batch numbers such as medicines (expiration date), clothes/shoes (production date), etc. This feature will really help sellers to prioritize selling products that are nearing their expiration date. Read the article below to add batch-tracking product type.

Step 1. Go to Products, then Click Add

Add Product

Step 2. Add Product with Serialized / Batch Tracking Type

Choose Product Type

Step 3. Product was Successfully Added

Recheck a new product on the product list.

Product was Successfully Added

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