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Displaying a comprehensive sales report with filters and providing a complete export of the results

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DealPOS, as a leading point-of-sale platform, offers a variety of reporting features in different formats. However, for those seeking precision and comprehensiveness, it is highly recommended to explore the reports from "Sales Report Details." This feature not only provides comprehensive information but also comes equipped with various filtering options to meet your business analysis needs more specifically.

Here are several reasons why you should check the sales report from Reports Detail :

  • The transaction data displayed is very comprehensive, including information such as salesperson name, customer name, payment status, discounts, etc.

  • The transaction amounts displayed are highly accurate, as any product and invoice discounts during the transactions are all calculated in the report details.

  • The available filters are very comprehensive, allowing users to check reports with highly specific data.

  • The export feature is also very comprehensive, providing multiple export file options.

I. View Reports Detail

Read the tutorial below to get a more in-depth understanding of the Sales Report Details feature.

1.1 Reports Detail Main Page

Go to Reports, then Choose the Detail Tab.

Reports Detail Main Page

1.2 Filter Reports Detail

Click the Filter Icon, then Filter Data as Needed (Optional). When the "Reports Detail" is opened, the data will display today's date, you need to adjust the date filter if you want to check reports for a specific period. Customize the reports you desire by applying the necessary report filters (optional).

Filter Reports Detail

If you need to filter the data, always choose the filters first before exporting or opening the sales detail summary, so that the displayed data aligns with your specific requirements.

Notes :

Due to the comprehensive nature of the filters in Reports Detail, if you need assistance with filter usage, you can contact the Customer Support team via the Live Chat feature or through the WhatsApp number provided by the support team. Contact Us

1.3 View Next Report Details Page

The system in "Reports Details" displays 100 records per page. We have implemented pagination to prevent extended data loading times. Therefore, you can click "Next" to display an additional 100 records. Scroll the page down, then click the next button.

View Next Report Details Page

1.4 Sales Detail Summary

Users can also display a report summary in the report details by clicking the View Report Summary button.

Sales Detail Summary

Sales Detail Summary will display a summary of the report details based on the filters you have chosen. If you have complementary products sold, you can click the "question mark" symbol or "?" symbol to display the number of complementary products sold.

Sales Detail Summary

Table Properties :

Column Name



Number of orders


Number of products sold (except complimentary products)


Number of complimentary products sold

Gross Sales

Sales amount before discount and tax


Total discount applied


Sales amount after discount and before tax


Total tax applied

Sales + Tax

Sales amount after discount and tax


Total unit cost of products sold


Sales profit (calculated by subtracting the total "Cost" from the total "Sales + Tax"

1.5 Export Reports Detail

DealPOS provides CSV and XLSX file formats for data extraction and export purposes. Click the export button, choose the format, and then click the "Ok" button.

Export Reports Detail
Export Reports Detail (Options)

II. Export Reports Detail Option

As previously mentioned, the report detail offers various formats for exporting data. The differences can be checked below.

2.1 Default Export

The "Default" format will display the standard export format, containing the minimum data from the report detail that can be shown.

Default Export
Default Export (CSV)

Table Properties :

Column Name



Outlet name


Invoice number


Customer name


Sales person name


Invoice date


Invoice created time


Product category


Variant name


Variant code


Quantity sold


Product unit cost (*)


Product unit price (**)


Product unit price after all discount calculation


Item discount percentage


Item discount amount


Invoice discount percentage (first discount)


Invoice discount percentage (second discount)


Invoice discount amount

Gross Sales

Product unit price multiplied by the quantity sold

Net Sales

Net price multiplied by the quantity sold


Tax applied to the item (***)

Sales N Tax

Net sales summed with the tax


Additional surcharge

Notes :

  • (*) Need product cost role to view the column.

  • (**) Unit price is not the general price from the product detail, unit price is the product price that is submitted in the shopping cart.

  • (***) Tax calculations might be different if the user uses "Tax Included".

Tax Added Calculation

Tax Added Calculation

Tax Included Calculation

Tax Included Calculation

2.2 Export With Customer Information

The exported data displayed is the same as the "Default Export", with the addition of some additional customer data.

Export With Customer Information
Export With Customer Information (CSV)

Table Properties (Additional Only from Default Export) :

Column Name


Customer Code

Customer code


Customer mobile number


Customer email address

Join Date

Customer join date / created date

Birth Date

Customer birth date


Customer city location


Total of "Net Sales" column of some rows but in the same invoice number


Total of "Tax" column of some rows but in the same invoice number


Total of "Sales N Tax" column of some rows but in the same invoice number


Customer address


Sales order tag

2.3 Export With Complete Detail

The exported data displayed is the same as the "Default Export", with the addition of some customer data that is already written in the export file with customer information, and some additional data.

Export With Complete Detail
Export With Complete Detail (CSV)

Table Properties (Additional Only from Previous Export) :

Column Name


Sales Person Code

Salesperson code

Sales Group

Salesperson group


Product brand

Product Code

Product code

Item Note

Item/product note


Product serial number

Invoice Note

Invoice note

Created By

Invoice created users

Modified By

Invoice modified users

Sales Type

Sales order tag

Promotion Coupon

Promotion coupon code that is applied

Return Invoice Number

Invoice returned from


Invoice fulfillment/delivery status


Invoice payment status

Created Date

Invoice created date

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