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Create stock adjustment (Adjust Difference or Update Inventory) by using Adjustment Archive

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In a retail store business, sometimes we do a stock-take activity at a certain time to see if there's any difference between the stock recorded in the POS System and the stock in a physical store.

To do the stock-take activity on DealPOS, you can use the Adjustment menu. One of the Adjustment menus that can be used for stock-take is Adjustment by Archive. There are 2 methods that you can use when you're about to make an adjustment by archive, these are Adjust Differences and Update Inventory. To see the difference between these two methods, you can see the example below:

For example, There are 10 stocks of Red T-shirts, and we want to adjust the product by using Adjustment by the archive, we want the stocks from the red T-shirt to be 15 because there are 15 qty in the physical store:

  1. If we use the Adjust Difference method, we can input the qty as 5, because it will Increase the stocks from the current stock (10 + 5 = 15)

  2. If we use the Update Inventory method, we can input the qty as 15, because it will directly Update the current stock (10 qty will be adjusted to 15)

I. Adjust Differences

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, click New button

New Adjustment Archive

Step 2. Choose the Outlet, select Adjust Differences Type

Adjust Difference

Step 3. Input Product to Adjust

You can fill in any product that you want to adjust the quantity. You can click on the quick key on the left or use the search product by name/code.

Input Products

Step 4. Edit Product quantity and Click Process

Fill in the name of the product which you want to be adjusted and fill the quantity. Click 'OK', then click Process.

Process Adjustment

Notes :
โ€‹If you want to reduce the quantity, just put a minus on the quantity.

Minus qty

II. Update Inventory

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, then Click New

New Adjustment

Step 2. Select Update Inventory Type

Update Inventory

Notes :

  • Update inventory will set the available quantity to the given value

  • Adjustment by archive using this method will make the adjustment cannot be edited in the adjustment history.

Step 3. Input Product to Adjust

You can fill in any product that you want to customize. You can click on the quick key on the left or use the search product by name/code adjustment.

Input Product

Step 4. Edit Product Quantity, then Click Process

The previous stock will be replaced with the stock you input.

Adjustment Update

III. View the Adjustment Report

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, Click More Menu, then Choose Adjustment (Report)

To see the adjustment record, click on "More menu" and then select "Report Adjustment".

Adjustment More Menu

Step 2. Adjustment Report was Opened

The default Adjustment report will show you all adjustments from all outlets and it will display today's adjustment. You can filter the data you want to show by clicking the Filter button

Adjustment Report

[Tutorial Video] Create New Adjustment with Archive

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